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It gives me strength to have somebody to fight for; I can never fight for myself, but, for others, I can kill.

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Daughter of Jupiter:

17 (Apr 10)| Roman | Senator | Camper for 9 years | Cohort 1

Likes: war games, pizza, lipgloss, the colour blue, clear skies
Dislikes: monster attacks, her older sister, being on guard duty, dishonesty, arrogance

Physical Description: Zoe is 1.70 and weighs around 58 kg. She has a feminine body, with curves in all the right places, and yet she will still look athletic and lean. She has medium-length blonde hair, shiny blue eyes and cute dimples in both her cheeks. In summer, her body gets covered in freckles. She is a beautiful girl who appears even more attractive because of the aura she has as a daughter of Jupiter.

Personality: Everyone expects Zoe to be a leader and to be a role-model for the rest of the campers, but she doesn’t feel like she is fit for the job. She can be quite clumsy sometimes and whenever she messes up, things will get blown out of proportion, making her wish the earth would swallow her whole. Zoe is very self-conscious and knows her limits well, what she can or can’t do. Moreover, she is a good listener and will come up with valuable advice for those who ask. Given that she is a daughter of the most powerful god, in battle, she too might end up claiming most of the responsibilities and will try to be on the front lines, defending her team. Zoe feels very strongly about her fellow campers. They are her pack, her friends, her family and no one should dare touch them. She is loyal to the bone and as rational as she can be, but in matters such as the safety of her fellow campers, she might act before she thinks.

History: Due to her heritage as a daughter of Jupiter, it’s surprising how Zoe wasn’t killed before she joined the camp. It’s not easy for a child of the king of gods to survive with hundreds of monsters who can sniff her out, but she did; at least until her 8th birthday. Since she joined the legion, Zoe has not had much contact with her family. Gina, her mother, was already married when she met Zeus and had little Zoe. So, her older sister has always looked down on her and blamed her for everything wrong. Everytime they meet, sparks of anger fly. Of course Gina received her divorce papers soon after her husband found out about her cheating. She remaried a man Zoe highly dislikes, but the girl only found out by word of mouth. She was not invited to the wedding.

Relationships: Close friends with Juliet.

Powers: As a daughter of Jupiter, Zoe inherited Aerokinesis, thus she can control air, clouds and winds, which also give her the ability to fly. A special power she hold is that she can summon bolts of lightning, but very rarely and only a couple of them as it really drains her of energy.

Tasia Blackford

Nature does nothing uselessly.

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Daughter of Apollo and Legacy of Ceres

17 (May 30) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 2 years | Cohort 5

Likes: flowers, spring, the sun, shopping, vegetarian food
Dislikes: fizzy drinks, computers, rough people, pickles

Physical Description: Tasia is of medium stature – 1.65 – and has a slim body. She lacks any kind of curves, looking like a boy is she puts on a loose tshirt. Her face on the other hand is very attractive. She has dainty features that give her quite an angelic look. She has light green eyes, full lips and golden hair she wears at a shoulder-length.

Personality: Tasia tends to keep quiet. Not because she is not friendly, but because she would rather listen to what others have to say. She likes to observe the world around her and take a consequential action. While paying attention to details comes in handy in training, she can be quite forgetful day to day. Tasia loses things often, even herself some of the times. Her spatial orientation is terrible, even more so when she is stressed – she can’t tell left from right at her worst moments. Around people, the girl is easy-going and careful. She will always know what to say to make you feel just a little bit better. Being a Ceres legacy, she finds it relaxing to be in nature, not in the middle of the forest, but rather in the middle of a green field with hundreds of species of plants. Tasia takes great care of plants and her favourite spot is somewhere in the Garden of Bacchus, but you have to be really special to be invited to come along.

History: Being born and raised in New Rome has allowed Tasia to grow close to all Roman deities. She knows their customs, their preferences and loves hanging out by their temples. Tasia was raised by her mother and grandfather and until the age of four, Apollo himself lived around the house. Unfortunately, it is hard for gods to live among humans, so after saying his elaborate goodbyes, they didn't see much of him again. The girl loves her grandfather. He had told her many stories about his life and how he met Ceres. She has joined the Legion quite late, and she wouldn't have joined at all if it weren't for a gift Apollo sent – a golden quiver with a bow and arrow. Tasia is the only one in camp who uses this as her weapon. Romans resent it. Only Apollo kids can get away with using it.


Powers: As a daughter of Apollo, Tasia possesses Photokinesis, thus she can control light. Because she hasn't been training long, the girl can only use this power when the sun is up, drawing from its energy. As legacy of Ceres, she can manipulate small plants and bushes.


Kiss them and slit their throat. They'll never know what got them.

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Daughter of Venus

19 (June 21 ) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 4 years | Cohort 4

Likes: intimacy, giving dating advice, roses, pearls, silver weapons
Dislikes: snakes, stains, politics, nosy people

Physical Description: Juliet has a model–like body: 1.74cm tall and weighting around 52 kg. She has a curvaceous body, darker skin along with her dark, sparkling eyes and her brown tresses, which fall under her shoulders. She gives off an aura of gracefulness and charm which makes her mesmerizing to the eyes.

Personality: Juliet is a truly enchanting person. Her personality is as wonderful as her appearance. Juliet is a generous person, who would lend her help to anyone, and her best department being: love. She has an infectious and airy laugh, and a great sense of humor. Juliet is very independent, so it is no surprise her combat skills are quite good. She specializes in hand-to-hand combat, and even if she has no impressive strength, her reflexes, great mobility, and stamina make up for it. Her weapon of choice is a small silver dagger, which allows her more flexible strikes. Juliet is usually calm and collected, always wearing a charming smile even when angry—she never actually loses the smile even when mad, but it is noticeably different from her usual one. She is prone to holding grudges so if you have wronged her, do not be surprised if you find poison in your food. One of Juliet's favourite things to do it manipulating men. They would do just about anything after she plays her game.

History: Her past is a subject Juliet would rather keep to herself. A single parent isn’t that bad usually, but Juliet got the short end of the stick. Her father had been so mystified with Venus, her mother, that he was never able to forget her, which resulted in sleepless nights and drinking too much alcohol. In a few words, Juliet’s childhood hadn’t been a pleasant one but she learnt to forgive her father while at the Wolf House, where she arrived to after running away from home.

Relationships: She is quite close to Zoe, they just clicked from the second they met.

Powers: As a daughter of Venus, Juliet possesses Charmspeak which makes her deep voice so enticing it is hard to resist it, be it man, woman, monster or god. It is easy for her to find the desired words to make her statement get across perfectly.

Amelia Matthews

Revenge is a dish that is best served right now.

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Daughter of Mars

18 (March 1)| Roman | Senator | Camper for 6 years | Cohort 1

Likes: fighting, the sight of blood, fire, gold
Dislikes: weakness, greeks, rules, bow and arrows

Personality: Arrogant, proud and crude. Amelia acts before she thinks and doesn’t care about consequences. Unlike Luisa, she is bloodthirsty and will jump into a fight because she simply feels like it. If she doesn’t like you, you will know it, whether it is her mean stare or the knife she has at your throat. Amelia is proud to be a daughter of Mars, taking her duties very seriously even if she is not in the position to do so. In case of battle, she will insist to be the one with the last word, just because it is what her father would do. Being placed in Cohort 1 makes it even worse. This Cohort is considered the best, thus it only adds to her arrogance. She looks down on anyone she considers weaker and takes pleasure in denigrating them in front of other people. In short, she is the bully. However, she does have ingenious war techniques and comes up with good attack plans, but tends to ruin things with her impulsive nature.

History: The first thing Mars found attractive about Amelia’s mother was her fiery, exploding personality. Jane ran away from home at the age of 16 and moved on the West Coast, where she lived for a couple years as a pick-pocket and sometimes got involved in house robberies. As soon as she turned 18, Jane started working as a stunt woman, which is when Mars noticed her. Things happened slowly at first, to the god’s delight – he had a hard time wooing the young woman, none of his tricks seemed to work on her. If you ask Jane if she has ever been in love with Mars, she would say no and slam the door in your face. After she fell pregnant with Amelia, the god vanished, leaving her with no choice but give up her job and taking on something less dangerous. The woman has spent 18 years loving her daughter and despising the man who left her. Amelia understands her motives and never tried to argue with her mother, but she still looks up to Mars. As a child, the girl was the school’s bully, unafraid to take even on those older than her. She was kicked out of several schools over the years, not that she cared.

Relationships: Amelia butts heads with Louisa quite often, it's unclear what kind of relationship they have. While it's not hate, it's definitely not love either. Has a complicated relationship with Charles.

Powers: As a daughter of Mars, Amelia inherited the power of Telumkinesis, thus she can control any kind of weapon. Other powers she has include strategy and warfare expertise, as well as enhanced stamina and strength.

Beatrix Fisher

I learnt early to have little expectation, so I protected myself from ever feeling disappointed.

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Daughter of Minerva

18 (Sept 4) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 5 years | Cohort 4

Likes: sculpting, dimples, romance novels, purple, dusty books, the Renaissance
Dislikes: theft, wreckage, eggs, lies, ignorance

Physical Description: Beatrix is tall and slender, with a toned body and little curves. Her thick, brown hair drapes in curls down to her shoulders. She has intelligent, doe eyes that appear to pierce into your mind. She often wears a lot of feminine, colourful clothes and natural make up.

Personality: Beatrix loves the arts, something she has inherited from her mother. Take her on a trip to a museum and you’ve got yourself a new friend, although she will tell you all about the exhibits. Her art skills are very good as well. You might catch a glimpse at the doodles she always makes during classes. She is an easy-going, open person that is still very grounded in reality. Bea tends to over think things – she will weigh in all aspects before taking a decision, making sure it is as objective as possible. Given that Minerva is not taken very seriously as a tactical expert, neither is the girl, which has made her very insecure. She rarely speaks up in matters of war because she knows nothing she can say will be well received. During war games, Beatrix has proven to be very tactical and defensive. She will often be the one to have your back. Her favourite weapon is a golden spatha she found in the armory on her first week at camp.

History: Beatrix was raised by a single father up until the age of 6. After that, he was deployed by the US army and unfortunately died on duty in Afghanistan. The loss of her father hit the girl terribly. She moved in with an aunt in Michigan, who recalls that Beatrix cried continuously for at least a month after receiving the dire news. Slowly, she had come to accept that her father was no more. Given that her aunt was 57, she began helping her out. She became more responsible, more mature, which might not be the best thing for kid her age. By the time she started going to school, Beatrix was far more mature than any other kid. Lupa found her during a school trip, trained her and sent her off to join the Legion. Before that, the girl had no idea about the existence of gods.


Powers: As a daughter of Minerva, Beatrix possesses Divine Knowledge, especially into myths and creatures. She is also very good at arts and crafts.


Right or wrong, it's very pleasant to break something from time to time.

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Daughter of Vulcan

16 (Dec 3) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 3 years | Cohort 4

Likes: fire, gadgets, running, oranges, enthusiastic people, coffee
Dislikes: winter, the beach, pink, romantics, insects

Physical appearance: Maia packs a lot of power in a tiny body. She is 1.60 and weighs 51kg. She has a plain body, nothing to show off. She has hazel eyes and her dirty blonde hair is usually pulled up high in a ponytail and even so gets stuff stuck to it.

Personality: Maia is a very energetic person and she always need to have something keeping her occupied. Her attention will dart from one thing to another and she will find herself changing topic in a conversation every single minute. Maia never walks at a slow pace; she runs. She loves tinkering with things, even if she sometimes breaks them completely. It allows her to learn as much as she can about ‘how the world works’, that’s what she calls it. If you’re nice to her, she might even expertly fix your weapons, even improve them if you were extra nice. In case you want to completely ruin her, make her sit down and read. You will come back 5 minutes later and find her angry and the book torn to pieces, maybe even get some origami. Some campers, who are more serious, think of Maia as a nuisance, with all her moving and running around. So it’s quite normal to find people who don’t enjoy having her around. She has never shown any interest in having a relationship with someone, mainly because she doesn’t understand what’s so great about having someone slow you down and hold your hand.

History: Eleanor, Maia’s mother, never hid who she was from her daughter. And she never stood in her way. From a small age it was much too clear that this was one kid who would never slow down. Maia never did well in school, her grades were always bad as she never found studying worthy of her time. It was much more interesting to unscrew the desks. Vulcan was also rather present, even if not in human form. He was the one to give Maia her first tool – a screwdriver. Eleanor was always afraid her daughter might poke her eyes out with it, or even badly injure someone, but in never happened thankfully. The gifts kept coming as the girl grew up. Vulcan was quite the attentive father.

Relationships: Likes hanging out with Charles in the forge and he sometimes helps with pranks.

Powers: As a daughter of Vulcan, Maia possesses Technokinesis and is able to control and animate electronic devices with ease. She can also stand high temperatures, which is why she loves summer the most.

Marie Traymore

If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else.

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Legacy of Neptune and Bacchus

15 (May 17) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 2 years | Cohort 2

Likes: history, swimming, silence, vanilla, the colour yellow
Dislikes: bugs, people treating her like a child, snow

Physical Description: She is 1.65cm tall and weighs 52kg. Her body still looks like a child's, so with no notable curves, but she has strong arms and legs from the training. Marie has deep red hair and blue eyes.

Personality: Marie is one of the youngest campers, but one of the most ambitious. Because of her status as a legacy, she know she is not as powerful as those who are demigods. Therefore, she works twice as hard to prove herself. She has a hard time trusting anyone – she fears they might be looking to play jokes on her, like they did when she was new – and is an introvert. 2 years since she has joined the legion and she has not made friends. Marie does not socialize much aside from training sessions and chores. You are most likely to find her tucked away in a quiet corner, reading. Her biggest passion is learning history and her photographic memory allows her to memorize dates and details easily. Her attention to details also serves her well in battle. She hopes to one day become Praetor and after that, even a Senator. Altough she hates being treating like a child, she still is one. Marie smiles often and is easily amused, but hides it so no one uses it to trick her. The girl is determined to follow in her father's footsteps. As a short term wish though, she still hopes to make some friends, but that would mean trusting someone.

History: Marie’s father is a son of Neptune and was one of the most respected campers of his time. He was the youngest ever elected senator and he has lead the Legion into many successful battles. He is Marie’s hero and she strives to become just like him. Her mother is a daughter of Bacchus, a charming beautiful woman with hair like fire, who the girl resembles a lot. When her parents suggested her trying out for the Legion, she didn't embrace the idea. She never felt strong enough or worthy enough, even if she really desired to be part of it. Her father agreed to let her stay longer and helped train her until Marie finally felt secure enough.

Relationships: Marie looks up to Luisa and tries to find ways to spend more time around her.

Powers: As a legacy of Neptune, Marie possesses Geokinesis, limited however. Minor powers include the ability to talk to horses. As a legacy of Bacchus she can control feelings such as anxiety and paranoia, without inducing permanent madness.

Louisa Cartwright

No one needs words anymore. Act, and we'll see what you're capable of.

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Daughter of Bellona

19 (Nov 20)| Roman | Praetor | Camper for 7 years | Cohort 1

Likes: order, large dogs, sharp blades, nature, feasts, loyalty
Dislikes: chaos, passive-aggressive people, heat, laziness

Physical Description: Luisa is not the tallest person out there. She stands at a height of 1.64, but has a strong muscular body. Her hair is straight and brown and she has severe, green, almond shaped eyes. Her clothing is always practical and comfortable, most of the time in earthy tones.

Personality: Louisa is a strong, stubborn young woman with avid taste for blood and fighting. In spite of it, she does not start a fight if there is no reason behind it. The girl lives by a code of rules she has imposed on herself, trying to be most like her mother. Although she is quick-tempered, the girl is ultimately truly courageous and intelligent. She is a great warrior, skilled in fighting with a sword, a spear and has the physical strength to take others down without any weapons at all. Her bold nature led to being elected as a Praetor of Camp Jupiter. Although she doesn't tower over people with her height, the way she carries herself imposes respect. She hates tomfoolery and stupid jokes and sometimes takes advantage of her position as a Praetor to punish those out of line. What she always is, is polite and well mannered, which makes her a great leader. You will not hear Luisa utter offensive words because she feels like demeaning someone.

History: Michael Cartwright, a simple Latin teacher fell in love with a woman who was his total opposite: brave, beautiful, surrounded by an aura of mystery. Their love affair ended abruptly once Bellona could no longer live among mortals. She left their daughter in his care, without any guidance. Now, every time he looks at Luisa, all he sees is the spitting image of her mother, often reminding her of the uncanny resemblance. Even though she did not grow up with a mother by her side, Michael made sure she knew she was loved and protected. At the tender age of 12, Luisa is the one who decided that it was time to join the Legion. No matter what Michael might have said, there was nothing he could do to change her mind. She holds the record for the fastest journey through the dangerous forest of Oakland Hills – it is said she came out 2 days later, without a scratch and carrying a wolf skin over her shoulder.

Relationships: Luisa is respected by everyone at camp. She is a good leader and the campers look up to her. She is somewhat of a mentor to Marie.

Powers: As a daughter of Bellona, Louisa possesses Odikinesis, a power that allows her to influence negative feelings such as hatred, anger or disgust. Minor powers she controls are expertise in weapons and warfare, as well as amplified stamina and strength.


They fear me because I am the closest thing to death they know and it makes them anxious.

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Daughter of Pluto:

17 (Jan 20) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 6 years | Cohort 5

Likes: olives, rock music, jokes, blue eyes, old movies
Dislikes: gloom, judgmental people, vices, crowds, arrogance

Physical Description: Kira is tall and slender and people joke that she’s like a skeleton from her dad’s world (she hates those jokes). She has deep, straight, black hair and thick bangs that cover her wide forehead. Her eyes are entirely black and her skin is very pale.

Personality: As a child of Pluto, this girl is not all that welcome anywhere she goes. It’s not that she isn’t a nice person, but rather because she gives off a feeling of death or sadness. In spite of this, Kira is always polite and well-mannered, smiles every time she gets the chance and helps however she can. You might find she is a friendly, open person if you give her a chance. Having people fear her and leave her out of activities because they don’t want to have her around saddens her quite a lot. Silence settles over any room she enters and campers are usually awkward around her. The quicker they can finish the conversation, the better. As a consequence, Kira is pretty much a loner, not by choice, but by circumstances. She has developed a passion for reading and watching movies, activities that don’t require her to be around people. Sometimes she hangs around on the roof of Pluto’s temple. She goes there because she feels closer to her dad and hopes he might give her a sign that he hears her.

History: Kira comes from a long line of Japanese politicians and businesspeople. Her real name is Zakuro, which means pomegranate, the fruit of the Underworld. She likes using Kira as it is easier for people outside of Japan to remember and it also doesn’t always remind her she is a child of hell. Her mother, Inari, met Pluto at a business conference, lived a few interesting months together, had a child and he left before Zakuro had her first birthday. He kept showing up randomly until her 10th birthday, but Inari was now married to another man and he never told Zakuro who he really was. After her 10th birthday, the girl was sent to America at a boarding school and, not long after she arrived, Lupa approached her and revealed the truth.

Relationships: Friends with Adam because of their bond as Pluto descendants, but she doesn't hang out with him too much because he's not the most positive person.

Powers: As a daughter of Pluto, Kira possesses the power of Ferrokinesis, thus she can control any kind of metal that exists under the surface of earth. Where there are large quantities, she may be able to cause earthquakes or fissures. When she is really stressed, scared or anxious, diamonds start popping up around her, but do NOT touch them or you will find yourself as the new addition to the Underworld.


But in my dreams we're still screamin' and runnin' through the yard

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Daughter of Mercury


Paul Sunderman

But in my dreams we're still screamin' and runnin' through the yard

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Legacy of Mercury



That’s a cute couple. I give them a week at most.

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Legacy of Pluto and Minerva

18 (Oct 11) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 7 years | Cohort 3

Likes: horror movies, flannel, jazz, shy people, snow, brunettes
Dislikes: smoke, mainstream music, bread, bragging, animal cruelty

Physical Description: Adam is tall and quite skinny. He is 1.80 and has almost no defined muscle on his body. He loves his long, ginger hair and has vowed that nothing ever will make him cut it short. His eyes are emerald green, his pouty lips red and his entire skin is covered in freckles.

Personality: Even if descendants of Pluto are avoided by other people, which results in them not feeling very at home at camp, Adam can be quite judgmental. He mostly keeps his thoughts to himself, but they are not the nicest thoughts. Because Minerva is not the most beloved goddess, he too is acidic towards the Roman campers. Adam gives short, sarcastic replies, he will rarely approach anyone first and he always has nicknames for the others. He’s not looking for fights, he’s just a sour grump. His biggest life goal is to do nothing. Neither ambitious, nor enthusiastic, Adam just wants to coast through life without any worries. Moreover, he’s a bit of an old soul. You might notice he has a bizarre way of dressing and talking and his hobbies are not very… modern. He can barely use gadgets like laptops, ipods or smart phones and he’s not interested in learning how to. The guy likes living in his bubble. Towards all girls, Adam is very gallant. He’s all about kissing their hand when they meet, bowing before leaving, opening doors. A true gentleman. Yet, he never loses his sarcastic remarks. However, girls are just not interested in him like that. His battle strategy is sit back and let others handle the thick of the fight. If they fail, he might swoop in and help.

History: Adam was born and raised in New Rome. His mother is a daughter of Pluto and his father a son of Minerva. His childhood was pretty uneventful. Adam has a normal relationship with his parents, nothing too special. He was always this introverted boy who could pass off as lazy because he never felt like doing much throughout the day. His parents pushed him to join the legion and didn’t give him much of a choice. It was either that or sending him to boarding school and he knew being so far away from home would suck.

Relationships: Somewhat friends with Kira.

Powers: As a legacy of Pluto, Adam possesses Necromancy and can, when needed, use Shadow Travel. As a legacy of Minerva, he was gifted with a lesser degree of Divine Knowledge, allowing him to learn and remember thing very easily.

Lucian Maxwell

What's the point of being alive if you don't at least try to do something remarkable?

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Son of Janus

17 (March 16) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 3 years | Cohort 4

Likes: comfortable clothes, trainings, nature, climbing walls, cheeseburgers
Dislikes: failing, being bossed around, insults, people finding his poems

Physical Description: Luke is 1.68 cm tall, with a skinny figure. His eyes are very dark, almost black and when he uses his power, they get a reddish tint. He always takes the time to properly style his hair and wears earrings in both his ears. His entire closet is comprised by simple T-shirts, mostly black or grey.

Personality: Down-to-earth and very practical is what sums Luke up. He is not interested in any things that do not immediately help or provide means to an end. Extravaganza is a no-no. He’d be able to live in a tent all his life because he just knows how to survive on his own and live without technology. While he appreciates it, he’s not dependent on it. Luke is also highly creative and skilled not only in sculpture, but also poetry. However, while he never lets anyone, ever, read his poetry – it’s too personal – you might notice some of his marble sculptures adorning the mess hall. Luke is a very flexible person when it comes to bouncing ideas and coming up with plans. He will agree with the majority as long as it benefits everyone. Around people, he tends to be quite friendly and sociable. He mingles a lot and jokes often, but rarely reveals much about himself. It’s hard to actually get to know him and have him open up. Moreover, Luke takes training very seriously. He is entirely a perfectionist and judges himself harshly whenever he fails or does not perform perfectly. He is very tactical, thinks ahead of his enemy’s movements and always stays on the defense of a team. And yes, he does prefer and use Luke instead of Lucian.

History: Luke grew up with an adoptive family after his mother abandoned him at the age of 2. He does not dwell much on it though because he loves and admires his parents and would never think of hurting them. He’s had little contact with Janus after he arrived at camp due to the god’s difficult nature. But he has spoken to Luke a few times given that he is his only known mortal child. He was always a quiet kid that didn’t cause trouble and never attracted monsters. Luke agreed to join camp because it was a challenge and it suited his active lifestyle.


Powers: As a son of Janus, Luke possesses the power of Mind Control. He cannot read minds, however. He can influence people to do as he wants.

Marcel Langman

Don't spend time beating on a wall hoping to transform it into a door.

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Son of Venus

19 (June 27) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 6 years | Cohort 3

Likes: sex, success stories, beauty, blonde girls, green eyes, asian cuisine
Dislikes: sob stories (but he can’t resist), cats, dishonesty, being interrupted

Physical Description: Marcel is 1.77 and he’s got the perfect body, after all, he is the son of Venus. He is tall and lean, with defined muscles where it counts. He has brown doe eyes, which may appear gentle, but they’re ready to challenge anyone. He lets his hair shoulder-length, but keeps it tied up, unless he want to charm someone, then he leaves it down as it just adds to his aura of gracefulness.

Personality: Marcel is heavily future oriented and thinks about his career a lot. He wants to build something successful after his 10 years with the legion are done. He is a very intelligent individual, who always plans ahead. If things do go wrong, he can easily find a solution. His quick wits are wonderfully complemented by his self-confidence. There’s nothing he thinks he can’t do and, if he puts his mind to it, he will do it. Marcel is very organized. He keeps all his things coordinated either by colour or use. He has a very hard time concentrating when things are not controlled, like in chaos, or when people around him are talking loudly. Despite hating to be alone and constantly needing to socialize, he can be pretty unhelpful to those around him. It takes a lot of begging for him to agree to anything. However, he can be very sentimental. Tell him a sob story and he might just get over himself to help you out. However, he sees this as his ultimate weakness and if you take advantage of it… well, there’s no telling what he will do.

History: Born to a movie star, Marcel was always surrounded by fame and wealth. He grew up in a penthouse in Manhattan where it was just him and, occasionally, a “nanny” – as he got older, the nanny stopped coming because Marcel paid her off to leave him alone. Unfortunately, since he joined the camp at 13, he did not have much time to explore his luck with the ladies on the outside. He could surely get their attention, but he never found out just how far he could take things. That happened at camp, where you took advantage of someone one day and the next, you had to be around them even if you didn’t want that. But no one can just stay mad at this beautiful man.

Relationships: Good friends with Adrian.

Powers: As a son of Venus, Marcel inherited the power of Amokinesis. He has the ability to influence the feelings of love, passion or lust in other people.


I am incapable of mediocrity.

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Son of Mars

18 (Sept 14) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 8 years | Cohort 2

Likes: fire, large dogs, war games, brassy girls
Dislikes: winter, the cold, nosy people, formal clothing

Physical Description: Martin is 1.88 and has a very lean, muscular body. He works out a lot and shows it off to everyone. His hair is light brown and he has vibrant green eyes.

Personality: Martin is always very serious and pensive. He lives inside his mind, but is not a shy person. Even so, he is frequently the center of the attention at camp. He rarely jokes; he’d much rather have a laugh at people making a fool of themselves. When Martin speaks about himself, he always tends to brag and if the subject is not about him, it will become so. Moreover, he is very honest and blunt. Little does he care about the feelings he might hurt or offend. Truth is a lot more important that a few bleeding hearts. He has the emotional capacity of a teaspoon and struggles to recognize both his feelings and other people’s. It’s good advice to never trust him completely. Martin cares about himself first and foremost. If you do trust him with a secret, well, be prepared to have the entire camp know about it. His loyalty is unknown and often talks about joining ‘the other side’ but hasn’t done anything towards that. It might be just talk. Martin lives a very active lifestyle. He is energetic, tireless and gets involved in as many trainings as possible.

History: Born to a mother who struggled to make ends meet for herself, Martin had to learn how to take care of himself from a very small age. He would steal, maybe work, but never beg for help. Things got much better after he joined the camp as it was the first time he had three full meals every single day. His mother too moved into New Rome, where she is much better and makes a living as a shop assistant in a toga store. Martin is not ashamed of his past and has no trouble talking about it, though he chooses not to, like many other things.

Realtionships: Frequently fights with Amelia over who's the better Mars kid.

Powers: As a son of Mars, Martin inherited the power of Odikinesis. Thus, he can control feelings of hatred, violence and rage in other people or monsters.

Miles Kolster

But in my dreams we're still screamin' and runnin' through the yard

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Son of Bellona

18 (Apr 22) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 4 years | Cohort 5

Likes: swords, group hugs, sarcasm, alcohol at parties
Dislikes: when people take the fun out of things, chores, the unicorn stables

Physical Description: Miles is 1.80 and very bulky from the extra training he usually takes. He has light green eyes and shiny, dark brown hair. You can say he has an obsession to run his hands through it.

Personality: Being a son of a war goddess, Miles is highly intuitive and can guess what other people’s moves will be well ahead of time, even if it is not related to fighting. He can easily read people by their behaviour or body language. He is mostly a laid-back person who enjoys time off to spend as he pleases. Miles is very friendly and is easy to get along with outside of trainings. However, when he has to be part of a team, Miles is the weakest link. He works terribly in a group as he either refuses to follow the lead of others or he stays completely quiet and passive-aggressive. He makes a lot of sarcastic remarks at any given time. It’s his way of defending his honor. Despite of this, he works better on his own. Miles pushes himself to the limits every single day. He tries to be the best warrior he can be, so he won’t let anyone down in case of real battle. Until then, he will just tag along and annoy everyone with his refusal to participate in team-work, eventually slowing everyone down. If you get to know Miles, and become close friends with him, you can bet anything he will be there for you. He is very good at keeping secrets and will be there to lend you a shoulder whenever you need it. Miles can give good, reassuring advice when he wants to.

History: Miles grew up with his father, David, who was a soldier until he lost his left leg in an explosion. Since then, he lived and worked at home, allowing a bond to form between him and his son. Miles looks up to his father and he is the reason he tries to be a good soldier. David, told his son about Bellona when he was 7 and he was also the one to encourage him to join the legion because it was a wonderful opportunity for him to train and meet other people like himself.

Relationships: Likes to brotherly annoy Luisa. Good friends with Martin. Has a long-standing, secret crush on Juliet.

Powers: As a son of Bellona, he possesses the power of Telumkinesis and he has control any kind of weapon or items that are used as a weapon of choice (eg a pen)

Sebastian Adler

But in my dreams we're still screamin' and runnin' through the yard

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Son of Fortuna

17 (Jul 18) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 3 years | Cohort 3

Likes: spring, blondes, dimples, shopping, attention
Dislikes: make up, alcoholic drinks, teasing, insects with many legs

Physical Description: 1.75 and well built, Sebastian loves working out and it shows. His longer hair gives him a carefree look, while his deep brown eyes shine with joy. He loves buying new clothes and always looks cool and fashionable.

Personality: Sebastian, or Bash, is a very charming guy. He jokes around a lot and when he smiles, a lot of knees go weak. He is generous, gentle and always tries to get to know a person before deciding whether or not he’d want them as a friend. However, he does not give second chances. If you’ve broken his trust, do not expect to earn it back. He might forgive, but he will never forget. No matter how friendly he is, Sebastian always had a problem with reading people. Ironically, he simply can’t tell what one is feeling/thinking, so if you want him to get a signal, you have to straight up tell him. Otherwise your efforts will be in vain. Especially when you’re a girl who fancies him. He is just that oblivious and he refuses to use his powers like that. His hobbies mostly include sports: he loves his skateboard and swimming especially, and gladly does his camp chores.

History: Sebastian is very proud of his Native American heritage. He grew up in Canada with his father, stepmother and younger sister, whom he adores. He was very happy when his father finally found someone who made him happy and got marries. His younger sister is 5 now and when she was born, Sebastian was more than happy to spend 24 hours every single day with her. Fortuna appeared to him on his 14th birthday and suggested he joined Camp Jupiter, so he did eventually. He is very happy there, but still misses his family and Canada.


Powers: As a son of Fortuna, he inherited the ability of mind-reading. He refuses to use the power to help himself and to meddle into people’s brains, where he does not belong. Thus, he only uses it when it is absolutely necessary, like when an enemy is captured and they need to get information from him.

William Grant

But in my dreams we're still screamin' and runnin' through the yard

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Son of Terminus



But in my dreams we're still screamin' and runnin' through the yard

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Son of Minerva

17 (Jun 23) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 4 years | Cohort 3

Likes: quiet, easy-going girls, dancing, books and their smell
Dislikes: attention-seekers, smoking, heavy make-up, people dissing art of any kind

Physical Description: Carter is of medium-built and has little to no muscle mass. His shaggy brown hair is rarely combed down, it is how he wakes up with it. Carter has intelligent, jade green eyes that glint golden in the sun. He always wears converses; they’re his favourite shoes and has several pairs under his bed.

Personality: Carter is a quiet man. Though he is not actually shy, he prefers not to get involved in social games where he doesn’t have something good to add and he rarely makes the first step towards friendship. However, around his friends, he is very talkative and funny. Most would say Carter always has a joke ready to make you feel better and happier. He is mostly an optimistic person who doesn’t necessarily see the world as wonderful, but likes to expect the best outcome. Who knows, it could actually happen! Even if the man likes to hang out, he still needs his time alone. He retreats somewhere quiet where he reads, or draws, or simply relaxes and becomes detached from the worries of camp. It’s better if you don’t intervene, unless you’re invited of course. Carter values his alone time. His weapon of choice is a golden spatha with an owl carved into its hilt. The owl has two emeralds where its eyes stand; a colour much like Carter’s own eyes.

History: Minerva’s relationship with a quirky San Francisco artist resulted in the birth of Carter. During the boy’s childhood, the goddess tried to be as involved as possible, though more as an aunt than as a mother. She visited often until Carter’s decision to join the camp, decision Minerva loathed. The goddess disappeared and took the boy’s action as spite. Thus, she hasn’t shown up or contacted him ever since. His father still lives in San Francisco and works in a small art gallery, a job Minerva helped him get to provide better for their child.


Powers: As a son of Minerva, Carter inherited Divine Knowledge.


The question isn't who's going to let me; it's who's going to stop me.

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Son of Mercury

18 (Jan 30) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 6 years | Cohort 2

Likes: swooning girls, flirting, smoking, redheads
Dislikes: dates, rules, complaining, failure, bad jokes, pop music

Physical Description: 1.86 and slender, Adrian has a very statuesque body. His movements are slow and full of poise, unlike his personality. His red lips clash against his very pale skin, and his eyes are a mesmerizing light blue colour. All his clothes are just the right fit and colour to compliment his entire look. You might look at him and think he’s a son of Venus, yet he is not.

Personality: Adrian is your usual heartbreaker. He knows he’s attractive and he uses it to get his way around with everyone. He might be as good looking as a Venus kid, but the way he steals hearts is definitely from his Mercury heritage. If there’s something he doesn’t feel like doing, like chores, he will find someone to do it for him. Either that, or he does a hasty job that may as well not be done at all. His arrogance is hardly the only thing he’s got going on–he refuses to follow rules or leaders, is majorly independent and hotheaded, trusts very few people, and takes advantage of everyone, especially if he knows you’ve got a crush on him. Adrian’s a proud man. Hurt his pride and he’ll seek revenge. Moreover, he is a very skilled swordsman. It is like he was born holding a sword, it all just comes naturally: the fighting, the analyzing, always being two steps ahead of his opponent.

History: Adrian’s mother was one of Mercury’s many flings that resulted in her getting pregnant without receiving any help from the god. Even so, she remarried before Adrian’s first birthday and had enough help raising him. Before being contacted by Lupa, he was close to being expelled from school. They had enough of him and his rebellious phase that came before he even hit puberty. He was too difficult to put up with and when suspensions didn’t work, the school pushed for the next step. Adrian was reticent in joining. To his thoughts, camp was for nerds, which he wasn’t, but gave in nonetheless.


Powers: As a son of Mercury, Adrian inherited superhuman speed, so he can run and react extremely fast.

Elijah Bayard

But in my dreams we're still screamin' and runnin' through the yard

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Son of Mercury


Daniel Cooper

But in my dreams we're still screamin' and runnin' through the yard

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Legacy of Bellona



When you are crazy you learn to keep quiet.

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Son of Bacchus

17 (Jul 2) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 4 years | Cohort 5

Likes: parties, wine, Mexican food, blondes, tanned skin
Dislikes: loneliness, sweets, teamwork trainings, bad smells, touching

Physical Description: With his slender body, Victor is not much to look at. He is 1.67, quite short for a guy and has very skinny limbs. He never bothers doing anything to his shaggy blond hair; what you see is how he woke up that morning. His green eyes have a crazy glint to them and when he uses his powers, his irises become completely white. The guy has a lot of small scars all over his body, scars from cuts and scratches he inflicted on himself.

Personality: Victor is… not all there, if we are to quote other campers. He often gets lost in his own mind, wanders away and eventually gets lost in the real world too. His attention span is pretty bad and sometimes starts talking nonsense, he might become violent and flip some chairs. Victor is incredibly scared by bacteria and viruses, so he hates getting dirty. If you want to shake his hand, better sanitize first! When he is stressed out, his left eye starts twitching and he speaks fast. All these are effects of using his powers; they affect him as well. Victor is most at home, and normal, when he is at a party or even during dinners. The change in his behavior is incredible: he becomes friendly, chatty, has amazing social skills and talks everybody into having a good time. Teamwork is not his favourite thing. He becomes confused in crowds of people and he simply cannot work in a team. It doesn’t help that other campers don’t want him on their team either.

History: From the young age of 6 when Victor first used his power unknowingly, he started behaving differently. By the age of 10, he had done is so many times without realizing it, that his mother was very scared for him, and for herself. Whenever little Victor was bullied and was terrified, his attackers would have episodes the school counselors couldn’t explain. His mother took him to therapy, he even spent a few months in a clinic, but it didn’t help. He only became more scared, eventually lost his trust in his mother who took him to these places he hated. All in all, his childhood wasn’t great and he doesn’t talk about it that much. It was a little better when he joined the legion and found out what was wrong with him, even if he is not very pleased to be here every single day.


Powers: As a son of Bacchus, Victor can induce and cure madness. Unfortunately, whenever he inflicts madness on others, he too becomes a little more unstable.


But in my dreams we're still screamin' and runnin' through the yard

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Legacy of Apollo and Venus

17 (Feb 11) | Roman | Praetor | Camper for 5 years | Cohort 4

Likes: chariot races, sword practice, summer, coffee, visiting the temples
Dislikes: tunnel duty, ignorance, ungrateful people, denigrating music

Physical description: Tyler is tall, hefty and muscular. He keeps his black hair closely cropped because it’s practical, but also because he hates his curls. He always wears a smile on his face and is usually a happy person.

Personality: Tyler was elected as Praetor due to his impressive intelligence and his selflessness. He is very energetic and down to earth and loves helping people out. Anyone can count on Tyler to find a solution for any kind of problem. He is dedicated and thorough. Despite being the one to always trust the best in people, he doesn’t let others walk all over him. He can be strict and scary when campers try to take him for a fool. Nevertheless, once they’re put back in place, Tyler goes back to being altruistic. He can bring out the best in other people and he’s a good motivational speaker. However, he too needs to be around people and be cheered up once in a while. He hates being by himself where grim thoughts can fill his mind. Tyler is also a very good swordsman and takes the time to help those who need some more practice.

History: Tyler’s childhood was quite dull compared to what others had to go through. He was born and raised in New Rome by his demigod parents who settled there after their legion duty. His parents own a coffee shop in the forum and he helped around as much as a kid could. Tyler is in love with chariot races and because he was too young, he always broke into the coliseum to watch them. His parents advised him to try out for the camp and he did so at the age of 12.

Relatioships: Gets along with everyone at camp. Closer friends with Louisa and.

Powers: As a legacy of Venus, Tyler possesses Charmspeak, but needs to make eye contact to use it. As a legacy of Apollo, he possesses Vitakinesis and can use it on small injuries.


Don't get me started, it would be a pleasure to watch you burn.

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Son of Vulcan

19 (Aug 6) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 7 years | Cohort 1

Likes: hot metals, impulsive girls, pranks, when plans work out
Dislikes: smoking, girly girls, pijamas, chocolate, the cold

Physical Description: Charles stands at a height of 1.82 and has very strong arms from wielding hammers in the forge and a muscular body. His skin is usually tanned from the sun and from the fire and ashes that have mixed with his skin. His long hair gives him a bit of a bad-boy look, which is part of why he keeps it. However, it’s usually tied at the back. His eyes are brown and there’s always a cheeky smirk playing on his lips.

Personality: Charles. Never Charlie. Never call him Charlie unless you want to get on his bad side. This guy has quite the temper and much like the metal he works with, he gets heated up quickly. Charles can hardly back down from a challenge. He might do it just to win and embarrass the other person in front of everybody. He can be very mean and brash, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t play nice from time to time. He respects traditions and most rules. Even if he gets into arguments often, he won’t cross the line. Things like physical violence are beyond him. That only happens when there’s an actual fight. In daily life, he’ll just resume to pranks and since he’s an inventive guy, Charles gets everyone in the end. There’s no escaping. He is a practical guy. Reading and writing and all that is not for him. He’d rather get his hands dirty, which is why he absolutely adores working in the forge, making weapons. Also, something worth mentioning: this guy sleeps in his birthday suit. You’ve been warned! (yeah, the guys in his cohort have seen all there is to see, lucky them huh)

History: Growing up with a single mother wasn’t always that bad. He always got whatever he needed and appreciates his mother for everything she’s done for him. He knows it can’t have been easy to raise a kid on her own. She is probably his biggest weakness, but has no problem admitting his love. On the other hand, Charles has never had any contact with Vulcan, so he doesn’t care about him that much. He appreciates the powers he’s been give, tough.

Relationships: Has somewhat of an on again off again relationship with Amelia. Friends with Luisa. Acts like a brother to Maia.

Powers: As a son of Vulcan, Charles possesses the power of Pyrokinesis, which means he can wield and create fire. Plus, he can’t be harmed by it.


There is some good in this world and it's worth fighting for.

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Son of Apollo

18 (May 3) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 7 years | Cohort 3

Likes: swimming, chemistry, parties, rainbows, games especially quoits
Dislikes: any weather that’s not sunny, archery, sickness

Physical Description: Chris is possibly one of the shortest boys on camp. He has a height of 1.65 and absolutely hates it when people point it out. There is really nothing eye-catching about his physique besides his gallant smile. His eyes are black, as well as his hair, which is always neatly combed.

Personality: Despite being rather finicky, Chris gets along with most of the crowd. Most of his friendships are shallow, thus making him very loyal to those who manage to become important people in his eyes. It is rare for someone to see him out of his bright disposition, and it only happens when someone makes fun of his height. If that happens, then he will simply smile it off, but be careful, as he is certain to get back at you! However, other than that particular case, he is known for always trying to brighten the mood with a few well thought jokes. Even if he seems very optimistic at first glance, Chris is realistic, and along with his level-headedness during times of crisis, he is good at making urgent decisions. He is highly cooperative and all about teamwork, moreover, as he is very dependent on others. But most of the time, it is collateral as Chris specializes in healing. He would gladly resort to underhanded methods if it were for someone else. Others in camp know him as the chicken pox curer, since the first person he cured on camp suffered from that disease.

History: Chris grew up in a quiet household in Portland, with his mother, stepfather and younger brother. His mother remarried not long after she found out she was pregnant with the god’s child and hasn’t thought about Apollo ever since. She considers her relationship with the god a mistake, but Chris the best thing she could have got out of it. He doesn’t care about Apollo anymore than he cares about any other god. His family is the one in Portland and it’s where he plans on returning after his years are done.


Powers: As a son of Apollo, Christopher possesses Vitakinesis. His powers are very developed and his body too can adapt to the environment (i.e. breathing underwater or at high altitudes, enduring high pressure etc)

Joseph Riverton

Not everyone is destined for greatness.

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Son of Neptune

19 (Oct 25) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 14 years | Cohort 2

Likes: swimming, being outdoors, karaoke, freckles, puns
Dislikes: chores, pollution, planes, storms, being under pressure

Physical Description: Joseph might not have the world’s best body, but he is athletic and 1.77 cm tall. He has blonde hair, grey eyes and needs glasses, but rarely wears them. He has a big white scar across his back from the time he was nearly killed by Medusa.

Personality: Joseph is a very friendly and calm person. He’s been at Camp Jupiter for so long he can barely imagine leaving, but sticks around because it’s home for him. He is a good, helpful friend, as loyal as a dog. Given that he is a child of the big three, a bit of impulsiveness would do him good, but instead, he is modest; too modest. Some might say it’s wrong of him, that he’s making his father ashamed, but after all, what’s wrong with trying not to stand out? Joseph doesn’t like it when older campers take on the newer ones. When new demigods arrive, he dedicates time to talking to them and helping them settle in, while also taking their side if others try to take advantage of their naivety. Joseph is always polite; you’ll hear no bad words coming out of this mouth. He respects the rules and traditions and hopes that one day he can settle down in New Rome and have a family of his own.

History: Given up for adoption at birth, Joseph has lived with a couple families before coming to Camp Jupiter. He was always a good kid, but trouble seemed to follow him and endangered his adoptive families. Lupa saved him, just before Medusa stroke him down, trained him and he joined the camp after that. Joseph doesn’t know anything about his birth mother and Neptune never seemed to care enough to tell him. Now, he himself is not sure if he wants to find out. He’s been like this for so long that it wouldn’t make much of a difference. He just hopes she’s still alive, safe and happy somewhere out there.

Relationships: Joseph gets on well with everyone. He was pretty much always the first one every new camper met. Closer with Zoe, Beatrix, Tyler and Luke.

Powers: As a son of Neptune, Joseph possesses the power of Hydrokinesis, therefore, he has control over any kind of body of water. He is very good at controlling his power as he’s had so many years to train.

Anthony Carlisle

At some point, you have to stop running and face whoever wants you dead.

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Son of Ceres

17 (Apr 5) | Roman | Legionnaire | Camper for 7 years | Cohort 5

Likes: the sun, roses, spring, desserts, being appreciated
Dislikes: bullies, violence, pollution, monsters

Physical Description: Anthony is 1.71cm tall and wouldn’t come first in a contest for best body. He doesn’t work out much, which means his muscles are not developed. He has light brown eyes that go towards green in spring.

Personality: He might not be a person who acts much, but Anthony is very intelligent and thorough. Where he can’t use his body, he uses his mind and conceives successful plans. He likes being thorough, otherwise, why even do the job in the first place? His floors will be the shiniest, his research most detailed. Anthony is a bit shy at first, but loves getting to know people. They usually need to strike up conversation, but he’ll be more than glad to carry it. Moreover, he is very energetic and easily-excitable. For him, it’s the little things that make life beautiful. Anthony works extremely well in a team who pays attention to him and allows him to speak up. He is cooperative and helpful, but needs to be constantly told he is doing the right thing, or that his ideas are good. He tends to have low self-esteem that can be boosted by others’ approval and appreciation. However, he hates being ignored by people who don’t believe he has anything good to say just because he is a son of Ceres and consider his hobbies should be gardening and nothing more.

History: As a quiet and quite feminine child, Anthony was always bullied at school. His love for nature and flowers were considered a weakness. And being raised by a single father was another reason to make fun of him. He would come home, bruised and scratched, but hid it well because he didn’t want to be seen as a wuss by his attackers. Anthony put up with it and never said anything. Lupa intervened in what was his last fight ever and asked him to join the legion. She trained him and although he wasn’t strong like others, he made it through the woods thanks to his powers.

Relationships: Good friends with Tasia.

Powers: As a son of Ceres, Anthony inherited the power of Chlorokinesis. He can control, create and manipulate any kind of plants, from grass to big trees.

Benjamin Cohen

It's better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than talking and removing all doubt.

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Son of Jupiter

26 (Aug 13) | Roman | Senior Praetor

Likes: hard work, rationality, order, family, pizza
Dislikes: chaos, alcohol, gossiping, disrespectfulness, bragging

Description: It’s hard not to be afraid when you see a bulky, muscular man at a height of 1.90 tower over you. Benjamin keeps his hair close cropped, military style. His blue eyes shine with severity and the Jupiter demigod aura keeps everyone in line.

Personality: Benjamin is a natural leader and all people flock to him for guidance. His mind works very rationally and logically and his plans always work flawlessly. He has a loud, deep voice that is a good indicative of his mood. If he decides to speak up you can be sure that everyone stops and keeps still. He is not aggressive, mean or rude, but since he is the closest thing to camp leader, he has to be impartial. Even so, he keeps out of discussions. Benjamin mostly acts like a referee. He allows the two camp praetors to take the decisions and intervenes when it is needed. He is in charge of most training sessions. In spite of all this, Benjamin is a very grounded, realistic man. His heritage has never made him arrogant, but rather more humble and hard working to prove nothing comes easier to him that to other demigods. Because he smiles rarely, it’s very gratifying to see a genuine smile or laugh from him. Moreover, don’t expect to become friends. His interactions with campers are kept to a professional level. He trains you, you can either learn or disregard him.

History: When you’ve been with the legion for over 20 years, it’s hard to part ways. He was brought in by Lupa at the age of 4 and, while he is technically not a camper anymore, he still lives most of the time within the Principia. Benjamin also owns a house in New Rome, where he usually spends his evenings. He hopes he will soon give up his teaching ‘job’ at camp, settle down and have a family of his own. Ben is very well respected both at camp and in New Rome. Even Juno likes him!

Relationships: Very protective over Zoe and spends a lot of time training her. In close contact with Louisa and

Powers: As a son of Jupiter, Benjamin is a very powerful demigod. He has inherited both Aerokinesis and Electrokinesis, thus he has, more or less, control over everything in the sky.